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Weather in Marmaris

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What is the best time to come to Marmaris? The answer will depend on your personal interest. The information below will help you to pick the right time to explore one of the most famous Turkish resorts.

Spring in Marmaris

During the spring period with soft and delicate temperatures reaching in average 25 degrees, exploring Marmaris and the surrounding area becomes one of the most exciting parts of your holiday. You can consider the option of traveling the city by riding a horse. Horse Safari is one of the most popular attractions during spring time. Furthermore, it is an ideal time to interact with a flourishing nature. You can take your family and kids with you and be absolutely sure that everyone will enjoy a holiday in Marmaris.

Summer in Marmaris

Summer period is an ideal time to visit this Turkish pearl with white sandy beaches and warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea. If you come to Turkey from June to August, you will have an opportunity to combine your beach-related-rest with noisy and crazy parties till the break of dawn.

In the summer period, there is no better place in Marmaris than the Long beach, where turquoise-colored waters are contrasting with golden sands. If you are not afraid of 33-degree heat, it is the perfect choice to spend your vacation. Still, if you do afraid, note that the refreshing waters of the sea will minimize a potential discomfort from the heating sun. The waters of Medditerenian reach 25 degrees during the summer period – the ideal temperatures to swim with children and not to turn blue as the water.

The sun will no doubt go down at night, but the temperatures will not get lower than 19 degrees at night, allowing you to wear the best of your summer wardrobe precious things. Marmaris is famous for its active nightlife, providing you opportunities to show your best outfits.

Autumn in Marmaris

All those who are not ready to face the hot summer temperatures can consider the option of spending a good time in autumn. From September to October, the temperatures reach 29 degrees, allowing you to enjoy the sun and the waters. The later part of the season is still quite enjoyable. Temperatures will reach 19 degrees in average, giving you an opportunity to explore the city and the nearby areas with comfort and pleasure.

Winter in Marmaris

Winter period in Marmaris is the best time for all those who love hiking and walking. The temperatures will reach a high of 11 degrees, making winter a perfect time to visit beautiful Marmaris National Park. Here you will be able to enjoy breathtaking scenery and to get closer to Turkish wildlife. It is the best season for explorations, adventures and long walks. Just note that winter in Turkey is the wettest season. Still, take your umbrella or waterproofs with you and enjoy the Turkish paradise placed in the Southwest of the country.

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