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Things to do in Marmaris

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Marmaris is a little paradise situated in the Southwest of Turkey, placed in a picturesque Mulga Province. The resort is a place where passion for life and amazing landscapes are mixed to provide you the best tourist experience ever. Marmaris itself gives you all you need to have a holiday of your dream.

Marmaris a place of contrasts. If you come here, you will witness how an idyllic heaven turning into a party-hard nightlife. There are a variety of things to do here and you will probably think about coming here once again.

If you will find Marmaris on the map, you will see that the resort is surrounded by such notable places as Icmeler, Hisaronu, and Olu Deniz. Its perfect location provides you a guarantee that you will never get bored. Furthermore, the resort is situated just 30 minutes drive from Dalaman International Airport, making Marmaris a desirable point for all those who love traveling with comfort.

Nestled in a lovely natural bay surrounded by the green mountains, Marmaris is known as one of the most popular resorts in Turkey, a desirable destination both for locals and visitors of the country. Now let us see the main attractions Marmaris is n ready to offer to its visitors.

Dancing Fountains

Dancing fountains in Marmaris, also known as singing fountains and musical fountains, is one of the most relaxing attractions in the town. The fountains appeared in the Marmaris square in 2012, attracting a lot of attention both from local people and visitors of the town. Here you will find the singing fountain, waterfall with a mermaid ( your kids will love it!), and the clock tower. The square is full of benches where you can comfortably watch the show.

Tashkhan and Aqueduct

10 kilometers away from the city center you will find an ancient Tashkhan and Aqueduct built in 1522. Tashkhan is an inn made of white stone. It has a rich history and welcomed Marmaris visitors for centuries. The inn leads to a beautiful old castle and you will probably enjoy the view of these two. Tashkhan is a great place where you can feel the echoes of Osman Empire, so if you want to be wrapped up in the history of Turkey, there is no better place to visit.

Marmaris Castle

One more historical attraction in Marmaris is its gorgeous castle built more than 5000 years ago! Just imagine what the life was like and what people lived there! Today Marmaris Castle offers its visitors a museum where you can learn more about its long and interesting history.

Grand Bazaar

If you want to learn more about a long and bright history of Marmaris while drinking a refreshing cup of tea or famous Turkish coffee sitting in the real Osman coffee house, you have to visit Marmaris indoor market, also known as Bedesten. Also, it is a good place for all those who love shopping or just want to find some souvenirs for family and friends.

Marmaris National Park

For all those who want to spend an active vacation, there is a great place situated not far from the town – Marmaris National Park. It is a huge area, and the part belonging to Marmaris has the richest flora and fauna. The park offers its visitors all various sorts of entertainment, from Jeep Safari to visiting distant, naturally beautiful and untouched beaches.

Tomb of Sarina

Marmaris has a lot to offer for history lovers. Ancient buildings are always among the top attractions, and one of the most significant ones is the Tomb of Sarina. Sarina lived in the 16th century and was the augur of that time. All her auspices came true, and that is why Sultan Suleiman I asked her for help during the acts of war. Even in modern Turkey women from all across the country come here to see the tomb and to ask Sarina for advice.

Marmaris Caves

Marmaris is also famous for its breathtaking caves situated nearby the town. The most popular among tourists cave is the phosphorescing cave, easily accessible from the town. There is also a chance to visit Karazhan cave Marmaris. Just note that you will have to use an air-filled boat to get there, as the cave is full of underground lakes. Still, the most famous cave in Marmaris is Nimara cave. For sure, visiting this breathtaking cave will leave you with lots of exciting memories. While visiting caves you can dive, so do not forget to take a diving suit with you.


Pamukkale is one of the most beautiful places situated not far from Marmaris town. Just a few hours drive and you will get to a real paradise created by Mother Nature. It is a place where mineral waters created a white-snow masterpiece where you can take the best pictures ever and to enjoy the salted waters. Pamukkale is very popular among people who want to improve their health.

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