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Marmaris nightlife

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The nightlife of Marmaris is ready to offer you a lot of fun activities such as crazy dance parties featuring famous DJ’s, live music, laser shows and much more. You can spend the night visiting one of Marmaris restaurants, drinking something while sitting on the bench somewhere in the center of the city, or taking part in a crazy party at some of the best Marmaris nightclubs. For romantic people, there are some terraces near the sea, where you can spend a unique and beautiful time with your beloved one. Marmaris is also a good place for all those, who can not imagine their life without music and its unique rhythms. The town is famous for its dancing people, lots of fun, and live concerts at every corner of its beautiful streets.

Also, Marmaris nights can offer a lot for all those who want to try some special Turkish food, such as baklava and kunefe. Restaurants of the town are ready to treat you with Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Central Asian cuisine, so do not miss a chance to try something special and something really tasty. Turkish people know how to cook, and menus in Marmaris restaurants are something you should add to your must-try list.

All the holidaymakers will be happy to know that Marmaris nightlife offers lots of places to visit, lots of floors and roofs where you can dance, and lots of drinks to try. Right after dusk, you can witness a new face of a small and quite town. The Bar Street situated not far from the central part of Marmaris makes a lot of noise, as well as a lot of fun. It offers the best discos and nightclubs where you can dance till the sun shines. The Bar Street is also located nearby Marmaris marina, allowing all those who danced till dead to relax near the waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Still, if you are looking for evening adventures, there is one more place in Marmaris to mention – Long Beach. It is situated on the opposite side of Bar Street and offers a lot of activities for those, who want to spend a good time till 24.00 pm. Here you will find restaurants with good food, karaoke bars, various pubs, dance and disco bars.

One of the most significant tourist attractions in Marmaris is Turkish Nights, where travelers can get closer to Turkish culture and spend a fantastic time. The show includes live Turkish music and amazing Turkish belly dancers.

It is worth to mention that for all those who want to stay at the hotel but still have some fun at night, there are some special night shows in the hotels. Marmaris hotels are packed with everything you need to spend the best vacation ever, allowing you to take part in their specially created programs and visiting lobby bars.

Still, if you are one of those who would love to explore the city at night, the best nightclubs, bars, and discos are waiting for you. The list below contains the information about the best places where the nightlife is noisy and colorful.

  1. Club Areena

An open air night club, Club Areena, is situated in the Marmaris Bar Street. Since 2004, it has a reputation of the leading nightclub in the town. Furthermore, it is the biggest venue in Marmaris and it works all year round from 21.30 pm. to 04.00 am. For more information, visit its official website www.clubareena.com.tr.

  1. Crazy Daisy Bar & Nightclub

The nightclub is located in the well-known Marmaris Bar Street. The capacity of the club is 1,300 people, providing noisy and crazy parties from 21.00 pm. to 04.00 am. Here you will find a wonderful terrace where you can dance till the first sunlight, great night shows featuring DJ’s, noisy music and a lot of fun. If you want to learn more about the place, visit its website: www.crazydaisybar.com.

  1. Backstreet Disco

Since 1995, Backstreet Marmaris, situated in the Bar Street of the town, provides locals and visitors of the resort with active and noisy nightlife. Inside the nightclub you will find a balcony sitting areas, where you can relax after partying hard. Furthermore, there are also some pretty large coaches where you can take a breather and drink some cocktail. Also, the nightclub is famous for its spectacular lightshow, so come and enjoy. To learn more about Backstreet Disco, visit its website: www.backstreetdisco.com.

  1. Greenhouse Dance Club

The fans of various music styles, such as R&B Pop, vocal house, trible house, tech house, and trans music will love this amazing place, situated in the Marmaris Bar Street. The club offers a lot of activities for addicted to parties people, so if you are the one, come here and enjoy the light show with crazy dancing. To learn more about the club, go follow the link: www.greenhouse.com.tr.

  1. El Divino Restaurant & Bar

If noisy parties are not what you are looking for, consider the option of listening live music in El Divino Restaurant & Bar. By the way, there are some live DJ parties. The bar willl provide you with a fresh and tasty seafood, lots of drinks for every taste, and the romantic atmosphere created by the view of the Netsel Marina. If you want to learn more about the place, you can call 0 252 413 23 00.

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