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Marmaris National Park

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Marmaris National park is situated just 6 km from the town, providing it visitors nearly 30 hectares of a natural heaven. In the park, you will find some protected areas, where flora and fauna create an illusion of a place where no foot may tread. Marmaris National Park with its intended coastline is also known as the area which plays a significant role in Turkish yacht tourism.

Marmaris National Park is surrounded by the unspoiled and quite beaches with white and golden sands contrasting to the turquoise waters of the sea. All these create an image of an untouched paradise placed in the southwest of the country. While talking about paradise, it is worth to mention a Paradise Island, situated close to the park. Furthermore, after visiting the park, visitors have an opportunity to get to such significant places as Physkos and Amos, famous for their ancient history. If you love horses or just want to have a horse ride, the park provides the opportunity to have a Horse Safari, one of the most popular tourist attractions. For the best sands of the world, you can easily get to Cleopatra Island.

Fauna and Flora

The National Park of Marmaris is a place where you can see lots of red pines, also known as pinus brutia, oaks, plane trees and, of course, cypresses. The wide area of the park is also known as the home for olives, arbutuses, locusts and some other tree formed plants.

Wildlife lovers will be able to see goats, bears, foxes, pigs, cute red squirrels and many more interesting animals. Visitors of the park can also note the great variety of birds. Eagles and falcons are among the most desirable to see. Still, immigrant birds will surprise you with the increasing variety.

Special Protected Areas

One of the specially protected regions in Marmaris National Park is Gokova. As we have already mentioned before, Marmaris National Park plays a significant role in yachting tourism in the country, generally, thanks to this particular region.

The region also provides its visitors the ability to see nearly all Mediterranean plants together. Still, it is mainly overgrown by red pines and sweetgum trees.  The region of Gokova is surrounded by mountains, accommodating one of the richest flora and fauna in the country.

The second special protected region to mention is Bozburun Peninsula. It is a unique paradise of a wildlife and vegetation. The region remains untouched due to the difficulties in transportation. Regions outside the Datca and Bozburun settlements are known as the cultural and natural protected areas.

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