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Marmaris Holidays Guide

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Marmaris is a place where you can spend a paradise holiday. Daily activities for everyone, soft weather, warm waters, sandy beaches, numerous excursions, entertaining nightlife – all these waits for you in Marmaris. While on holiday in this pearl of Turkish tourism life, why not to attend some annual events and to celebrate national and religious holidays along with local people, getting closer to Turkish culture and learning more about it. Below you will find information about the most significant holidays to celebrate in Marmaris.

In Marmaris, the period from October to April is quite, there are no tourists and nearly no events. That is why we will overview holidays from the beginning of the season which opens in April with a sunny a warm days and closes in October with the beginning of autumn winds and rains in Turkey.

Official Holidays in Marmaris

WHAT: National Sovereignty and Children’s Day

WHEN: April 23rd

EVENT: International Children’s Festival

The whole country celebrates Children Festival on April 23rd and, of course, Marmaris is not the exception. In Marmaris, the celebration of the official holiday takes place in stadium situated right in the center of the city. Children with their family members come here to gather in their schoolyards, where you can hear them reading poems and singing, or watch them dancing. As you can guess, this celebration always brings and a lot of fun and tenderness.

Children’s day is a unique event which attracts international attention and participation. The festival gives international students a possibility to come to Turkey’s larger cities for a week, as a part of cultural exchange. That is why the event has the international magnitude, making the celebration of Children’s Festival one of the must-visit events in the country, especially for those who love children. And we do know you love them!

National Sovereignty and Children’s Day in Turkey takes place every year since 1920 when the Grand National Assembly decided on establishing a new, independent republic from the ashes of Ottoman Empire. The founder of the holiday and the Turkish Republic in general, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, wanted to emphasize the role of children in the future of the newborn nation and that is why even today Turkish people celebrate this bright and meaningful to their nation holiday.

 WHAT: Gençlik ve Spor Bayramý (Youth and Sports Day)

WHEN: May 19th

EVENT: Youth and Sports Festival

The Youth and Sports Day was established by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. The holiday is also known as the day when the first independent President of Turkish Republic landed at the Black Sea Port of Samsun during the Turkish War of Independence to fight for the independence of the country.

If you come to Marmaris to celebrate it, you will be able to attend various evening outdoor concerts, to dance all night long and to enjoy live music at every corner of the city. Still, the most significant places to visit on May 19th in Marmaris are the Youth Square, the square of Ataturk, Nestel Marina and amphitheater. Here you will find all sorts of fun activities and enjoy the best part of the celebration.

WHAT: Victory Day

WHEN: August 30th

EVENT: Military Parade and Force Show

2017 marks the 95th anniversary of the Victory Day, the celebration of the end of independence war finished by the glorious victory of the battle in Dumlupinar in 1922. As you can guess, the annual celebration is full of national glory and joy. If you come to Marmaris and reach the Victory Day, you will be able to see the city at its best – a lot of fun, activities of all kinds, smiling and happy people with national symbols and flags, amazing force show, and military parade will be waiting for you here to leave an unforgettable impression of your holiday in Turkey.

WHAT: Turkish Republic Day

WHEN: October 29th

In 1923 on October 29, the new Turkish Stated was declared Republic by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. This day has a great significance to all people who live in the country. The declaration of the Turkish Republic was followed by the series of reforms, including the new legal system, the separation of government and religious affairs, the new system of education, adoption of the Latin script and the civil code. The last one played a huge role in the society, allowing women who were neglected for centuries to gain the equal rights with men, to make it possible for women to vote, to be appointed to official posts and to be elected to the Parlament. All these reforms changed the economic structure of the country for better and that is why the celebration of this holiday is so important for locals. You will see them dancing, singing, hanging along the streets with flags and national symbols and just enjoying the life in the modern free and prosperous country.

Religious Holidays in Marmaris

WHAT: Ramazan Bayram

WHEN: June 26th -29th, 2017

EVENT: Ramazan Bayram Festival (the Sugar Festival)

The celebration of Ramazan Bayram is followed by the Ramazan (Ramadan), the Islamic holy month. During Ramazan Bayram, Turkish families are visiting their relatives as a part of family reunions, hunting for presents and giving them to each other, doing the great cooking and trying on new clothes and hair styles. For tourists, the main attraction is the hospitality of locals. The guests of the country are usually treated to baklava, one of the most famous and tasty national sweets. It is a great celebration of life, but if you come here to spend your vacation during Ramazan Bayram, you will have to note that the hotels, as well as the transport, will be full of locals who are actively traveling all across the country.

WHAT: Kurban Bayram

WHEN: September 1st – 5th, 2017

EVENT: Kurban Bayram Festival

Kurban Bayram is one of the oldest and most significant religious holidays in the country. The holiday is dedicated to the story of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) who sacrificed his son to show the obedience to God. The belief is to feed the poor with the one-third of a sacrificed animal’s meat and to share the rest meat between the family members and neighbors. Still, in modern days, instead of sacrificing an animal, it is more common to donate money to charities, army or education programs.

During the celebration days, public transport will be packed with locals, so plan not to travel on the first and the last days of the holiday. Furthermore, it is better to make hotel reservations, as the locals will take off for the beach. Also, make sure you have enough of cash as you can face to the problem of non-working ATMs during the holiday period.

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