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Marmaris Excursions

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When you have a vacation in Marmaris, it is hard to imagine that you are in an eastern country. The town is welcoming. The local people are hospitable and friendly to all visitors of Marmaris. Everyone can find interesting and special things to do here. Marmaris offers a large verity of water activities: windsurfing, water ski, catamaran charters, sailing and a parasailing. These kinds of activities will probably make your vacation more fun.

The excursions to choose from Marmaris will depend on your own preferences only, but anyway it will be interesting for everyone.Historical excursions from Marmaris to the antique cities such as Hierapolis, Laodicea, Knidos, Ephesus, Afrodizias will not leave indifferent all those who love antiquities and and want to enjoy the echoes of thousand-year history.

The most popular excursion is Pamukkale. Pamukkale’s snow-white terraces or “Cotton Castle” is a miracle created by Mother Nature.  Warm springs have created this miracle of natural beauty.

Excursions to Ephesus are the most informative tours from Marmaris, where you can acquaint with one of the most ancient cities on Earth, learn about the life of Greeks and Romans, their religion and customs.  Tours in Ephesus will be very interesting for those who are interested in the history of Christianity.

The sea excursions are the most popular among tourists.  Lovers of maritime romance can enjoy a voyage to the islands of the Aegean Sea and visit the famous natural Dalyan reserve with the ability to see the Turtle Island. In addition, the tour allows exploring the beautiful island of Sedir with the well-known beach of Cleopatra.

Cleopatra Island

The legendary Cleopatra Island situated in a beautiful Gulf of Gokova, 30 kilometers from Marmaris. This Island has a very interesting legend, according to which the island was presented to Cleopatra by her second beloved man who ordered to deliver unique white sand to this island, especially for Cleopatra. These sands have remained till modern days and you can find the same in Africa only. In addition to the unique sand and fabulously beautiful beach, the island of Cleopatra is also famous for its ruins of the ancient city of Cedrus.  The temple of Apollo, the fortress walls of the island and a small theater remained till present days.

Aegean Islands

 For all those who love exploring the sea, traveling to the Aegean Islands is a special opportunity to feel like a pioneer!

Magic trips to the Aegean islands by yacht with the ability to visit picturesque virgin islets, will bring you a lot of fun and unique pictures. You can make some stops in beautiful places like Hisaronu gulf and enjoy the views of beautiful bays like Maiden Spit,  Selimiye, English Bay, Rabbit Island.

Dalyan Tours

Tours in Dalyan on the board of a ship is an exciting trip to the most significant reserves of Turkey and a great opportunity to see the virgin nature of Marmaris. You can enjoy a magnificent beach, warm sea, and, if you are lucky, to see the famous tortoises of Caretta.

Maiden Spit

The excursion from Marmaris to Maiden Spit, no doubt, will make an incredible impression because of the unique natural formation.  This formation gives rare opportunity to walk on the sea (600 meters) that divides the bay into two parts.

Istanbul Tours

To see even more, you can consider an excursion from Marmaris to Istanbul that provides an excellent opportunity to visit the largest city in Turkey, where you can learn more about primary historical monuments.

Marmaris Aqua Dream Su Park

What concerning entertaining and active excursions, Marmaris can offer you such kind of fun activity as Marmaris Aqua Dream Su Park. The park is located on a hill where you can enjoy panoramic views of Marmaris and the water area of the bay. On the territory of the park are located different slides and attractions both for youngsters and adults.


One more extremely popular excursion from Marmaris is rafting. This excursion is very popular among those who love to strive with wild water of Mountain Rivers, feel adrenaline explosion and enjoy a good mood.


Quadro-safari is an excellent chance to see the nature of mountainous Turkey while at the handlebar of a powerful quad bike. The route is passes along the untrodden trails and hard-to-reach Mountain Rivers. Tourists will be able to enjoy fresh air and to feel unity with untouched nature.

Dive centers

In Marmaris, for lovers of scuba diving or divers, Marmaris opens a great opportunity to visit one of the dive centers.  If you are just a beginner, diving centers may offer you an initial training course, including two dives per day.

Besides popular excursions, there is one more type of excursions – so-called “Unknown Marmaris”. In the town and its vicinities, you will be able to find a lot of interesting objects with remarkable history. Most of them remain unknown even among locals. If you tired of crowded beaches, the narrow small streets of the old town, a fortress of the sixteenth century, the historical museum, a tomb of the famous prophetess Sariana are waiting for you in Marmaris.

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