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Best beaches in Marmaris

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Marmaris is one of the best resorts in Turkey and the most “European” in the country. The thing is that not so long ago the main contingents of visitors were British and Dutch people known as good judges of high-quality rest. It is not only one of the best, but one of the most popular resorts on the coast of Turkey. The city of Marmaris is located in a picturesque bay on the merge of two seas: Mediterranean and Aegean. The city is surrounded by hills and mountains with gross vegetation everywhere.

And here is the ideal climate: even in July-August there is no exhausting heat.  The sea is quiet and there are almost no waves thanks to the fact that the resort is located in the isolated bay which is fenced off from the open sea by the island and the peninsula.  Water will hold you on the surface and it is perfect thing for those who are not good in swimming.  Marmaris is known as the most dancing city of Turkey — in the evenings all the discobars are packed with people. It is worth to mention that here you will find a fantastically beautiful harbor surrounded by snow-white yachts and walking gyuletas.

Beaches in Marmaris occupy practically all coast from the downtown to Icmeler, however, they are not too wide. From another side of the city, the beach is separated by the embankment, coastal cafes and restaurants.

Beaches in Marmaris are pure and sandy, so there is no need for special footwear.  Many beaches in Marmaris belong to the cafes and restaurants and situated nearby. Many beaches in Marmaris belong to hotels, the entrance and plank beds with umbrellas for guests are free.  If there are any plank beds and umbrellas on municipal beaches, you have to note that it is not actually free: instead of pay for them, you will have to buy a drink at a beach bar

The most popular and well-known beaches in Marmaris are Urban Beach and Icmeler Beach, situated 8 km from the central Marmaris.

Urban Beach (The Municipal Beach)

The main Urban Beach is situated in the center of the city and is free, but unfortunately it is rather dirty.  Here you will not find any plank beds or umbrellas. Generally, this beach is for local people. But one of the advantages of the municipal beach is the presence of life guards. In addition, on the municipal beach provides the established rules of stay. You can read these rules to learn about what is allowed and what is prohibited. Generally, free beaches in Marmaris are situated in the area of Siteler, between Grand Azur and Club Turban hotels. Many hotels lie on the second and third line and do not have their own beach. That is why a free transfer to one of the beaches between Marmaris and Icmeler exists.

Icmeler Beach

 Icmeler is situated near the resort of Marmaris. Along a coastal strip you will note a walking path which is laid out with tiles. Icmeler, unlike Marmaris, is a quiet resort. It is the best for family rest. Here are more green places, water is purer and quieter. The picturesque bay with the purest turquoise water and the sand-and-shingle beach is surrounded by the mountains with lots of trees. It is not a surprise that Icmeler is translated from Turkish as “forgotten paradise”. The resort is also famous for its mineral curative sources.

The most beautiful beaches in Marmaris are situated on the way to the settlement of Icmeler. They are far from the road and hotels, and that is why are never crowded. The most significant are well-known beautiful Nirvana Beach and beaches of Marti hotels.

If you are going to explore beautiful sandy beaches you should visit an excursion to Dalyan or an ancient city named Patara. For those who love beaches with white sands, there is a great excursion to the Cleopatra Island. When it comes to wild beaches the most famous one is Uzunyali beach, situated between Marmaris and Icmeler. It is an amazing place where you will not find crowds of people.

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